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2023 10U softball rules

The home team is responsible for paying the umpire. 

Umpires will call what he/she sees.  If the umpire does not see it, it cannot be called. The only coach allowed to discuss a call is the head coach 

Only the umpire may call stoppage of play.  Again, all calls by the umpire are final. 

Player age cannot exceed ten (10) years old as of January 1st of the current year. 

The pitcher must wear a chest protection device while in the field.

An 11-inch ball will be used.  44 cor 375 compression 

Batting helmets must be worn while batting and running the bases.  All helmets must be equipped with a facemask. 

Catchers must wear a chest protector, facemask, and a catcher’s helmet. 

Base distance will be sixty (60) feet.   

Only bats on the current ASA/USA approved list may be used. 

A pitcher’s chalk line shall be placed at (36) feet and (40) feet 

Teams will be given the option to pitch from either (36) or (40) feet.  Once a pitcher throws a first pitch, that pitcher MUST continue from the distance for that batter. If a new pitcher enters the game, they also will be given the choice of pitching distance but they must remain at that distance until a new batter comes up. 

New pitchers entering the game will be given 5 warm-up pitches the inning they start to pitch then 3 pitches before all subsequent innings. 

Arc of the pitch will be six (6) to twelve (12) feet from the ground. 

The pitcher must begin with one foot on the pitching line. 

Each girl will field at least two (2) innings, unless an injury occurs. 

This age group will not use the infield fly rule. 

This age group will play 6 innings. 

This age group will bath the bench. 

When in the opinion of the umpire all immediate play resulting from a batted ball is complete, they will call “time.” - It is not necessary to return the ball to the pitcher after a batted ball to stop the base runners from advancing. When the base runners have ceased trying to advance because the fielders have the live ball ahead of or in such a position so that the runners have stopped their advance, the umpire shall call “time.” In this case the base runner, even though they are off the base, must then return to stay on the base which they last touched and must remain on his base until they can legally leave the base. 

There will be no walks. On a called 4th ball, a coach will come in to pitch and the batter will be allowed 4 pitches to make contact. Any called strikes before the 4th ball will remain. If the batter does not make contact in those 4 pitches or has a 3rd swinging strike the batter is out. If the batter fouls off the 4th pitch they keep swinging until they make contact or strike out. 

A game stopped after four and a half (4 ½) innings because of rain or lighting is a complete game.  The team ahead shall be declared the winner.  If the game is tied after 4 ½ innings, a tie will be recorded. 

No new inning shall start fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of the next scheduled game or after two (2) hours from the start of the game.  The team ahead after the last full inning is declared the winner.  Rain delay time is not to be included in the 2-hour time limit. 

New pitchers entering the game will be given 5 warm-up pitches the inning they start to pitch then 3 pitches before all subsequent innings. 

Teams will play ten (10) players in the field. 

There are no awards of first base due to the batter being hit by a pitch. 

Runners on base cannot leave the base until the ball is hit.  If they are off the base and the ball is not hit (ball, swinging strike, or called strike) they will be called out. 

Any player throwing the bat will be warned along with the rest of the players on that team.  The next player from that team to throw a bat will be called out, the play will be dead and the runners will return to their bases. 

When six (6) runs are scored in the offensive team’s half of the inning, the offensive team automatically takes the field regardless of the number of outs.  The inning shall not end however until play has been stopped and all runs resulting from that play shall be counted.  Example:  the offensive team has scored five (5) runs in the current inning and the bases are loaded.  The batter, after hitting the ball, stops at second base.  When the play has ended all the base runners have crossed the plate.  The three runs count and the team will be entitled to nine (9) runs in that inning. 

The six-run rule is waived in the last inning (6th inning). 

The ten (10) run rule is in effect after five (5) innings or four and a half (4-½) innings if the home team is ahead.

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